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Why Landlords are Turning to Flex Office Partners

With so much uncertainty prevailing, flexible offices & co-working spaces are preferred among those looking for offices. Landlords and property owners can no longer afford to ignore the opportunity presented by flexible offices and coworking spaces. After the onset of COVID-19 and rapid growth of remote work, office landlords in virtually every city in the world became saddled with vacant space. With 30% of global office inventory projected to become flexible by 2030, landlords are now seeing the value of flex space for their portfolios. As workers begin to return to offices, “flex space is being buoyed by businesses deploying less capital into real estate” and by employees who now expect more choice over where they work. “The issue is that office landlords want more flex space in their portfolio, but the operators aren’t willing to take on new leases,” says Ben Munn, managing director of flex space at JLL. As a result, many landlords are considering partnerships with c

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