Coworking - Best solution for Mid Size companies

Flexible Working in Bangalore

Coworking or shared office spaces are refreshing as compared to regular space leasing. 

Coworking spaces offer flexibility and freedom. It helps companies expand and contract, easier than regular rentals. It is preferred by entrepreneurs, small businesses, mid size companies and also free lancers.

Here are some other reasons for mid-sized businesses to shift to the coworking culture and enjoying its benefits.

Flexible and Hassle-free Lease Terms

When it comes to leasing a traditional office, the hassles are endless. Signing legal contracts, paying a huge security fee and what not. But things are different when it comes to a coworking space. These plug and play office spaces give you the option to pay for only the space that you use. And guess what, you have the option for both long and short term contracts which you can use as per your requirements.

Updated Infrastructure and Facilities

Just getting an office space is not enough for any business. A proper infrastructure, basic facilities, updated technology is also very important. A coworking space will give you everything that you need so that all you need to do is focus on your business. With shared office spaces, you also have the choice to select your workspace be it a private cabin, hot desk or a conference room.


When it comes to mid-sized businesses, not every company has the budget to afford a spacious, well-equipped office space. But every company wants that, also wants a prime location that can be useful for their business. The best solution to all this is a coworking space situated at a prime location and offers you all that you need for your business at affordable prices.


An important part of any business is networking. It helps you to collaborate with like-minded people, know about their business and skills and see how it can be beneficial for your business. A shared office space gives you the opportunity to connect and accelerate. At the cafeteria while sipping a cup of coffee, or at the lounge area while taking a break, connections can be made anywhere, all you need to do is start a conversation.

RE-Direct has options at some of the prime locations across Bangalore offers plug and play office spaces at affordable prices with well-equipped amenities. 


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